General Public Radio

by The General

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released May 14, 2011

Produced by Danny Fal
Enoch Rowe on bass
Marc Grunberg on keys

Written by The General



all rights reserved


The General Maryland

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Track Name: Intro
good morning, i appreciate you lending an ear
to this brother who's beginning is here, i'm long winded but clear
in all positions i'm defendin, rare opinions in here
its mainly facts, i take it back to the genesis, tears
is on the face of rap whenever i go
do it for hip hop, my value can't be measured in gold
what i wrote is delicate like old testament scrolls
the general, i'm just a rookie with a veterans soul
and my choice of weapon is flow, so put your guard up
connect my dots of chakrahs and transform when you squad up
so i'm hittin harder, punch lines, he is a problem
i'ma hip hopper but its a wrap, like empanadas
you wonderin where hip hops at? behind the preposition
i received a premonition, rather a set of visions
that showed me it was written i could be the best to rip it
that's on my melanin skin, i'm on my quest to get it

this whole tape is, my radio station
keep it playin, from the morning all the way to the days end
here is where the roosters crow, 9-5ers is raisin
shower up head to the door, then time to ride the train in
to work, hour 3 would be the weather on the turf
seemin cold and jive messy, but whatever you gon learn
after thats the fourth track, its about our current state
in the usa, we ain't doing great, skies turnin gray
then the oil spill, see how it affect us everyday
after that is a commercial, which increase the murder rate
hour 7 make you wanna grab your weapon
and pray for change like your ballot in the last election
its about the war we in, we need to turn away
and the last hours introspection, its in the perfect place
analyze your life, meditate and make sure its straight
now i'ma take you to the weather after this commercial break
Track Name: Commercial Break feat. Aubrey "Ché" Adams
i go by the General, all about residuals
got em on my own, no blood, bones and rituals
just, keepin it lyrical, not concerned with materials
but of course i want it, my stomach it isn't nearly full
you could hear it grumbeling, think its kin to lions
i'm reclining as i chug a fifth, think of shit the mayans
predicted and whats gon come of it, the prophecy was me
kickin it, properly, i'm like a soccer team to beats
when i'm droppin these, mockeries, lyrically perform lobotomy's
i'm fly, them bammas ostrich wings
when i rhyme, the ground rocks wit me, witch doctor speech
but i, am God's property, kirk on a lotta beats
this is, hip hoppin meets, eastern philosophies
you like a rott that's leashed, while nothin stoppin me
i got God in me, there's nothing for you to tell us
bout lyrics i'm bustin till i'm buzzin like vuvuzelas
rockin my true blues, just tryina spit my truth through swellers
shoudl be in Matulu's cellar (Shakur), step to who? you knew better
take a seat like YOU the predator, i hope you ready young
i'ma rock it, drop it, then my comp is belly up
rappers hot wit elementary knowledge and sloppy skills
while the words from this poet are more, potent than poppy fields
i think i'm sun tzu, i think i'm bobby seale
the General of these rappers with or without a deal
Track Name: Today's Forecast
once again thank you for tunin in on this ugly morning
this the perfect day, for those who love when its stormin
lightning striking thunder roarin, get ready for the reign
enjoy it, then you fully appreciate the gorgeous days
the forecast is flash floods, so for the next 3 or 4 days
you should expect more of the same
its crazy cause it ain't in season, but i'm pretty sure the reason
is we need balance from heat waves of recent
get your northface windbreakers and fleeces
umbrella and nike boots if you thinkin bout leavin
me? i could dodge the rain from bobbin and weavin
but i'm on another plane, you could call him the reason
you gotta stay away from georgia ave
hydroplaned to a crash an impala into a ford and cab
every road is bumper to bumper, its pourin bad
everyone should stay in, wait for the storm to pass

the storm is evolving wit hurricane and tornado-ish winds
so in turn the rain is overflowin, like new orleans, storm is goin in
get your life jackets instead of whips you gotta board a ship
centered in pg, the rain came out the blue like former crips
the water's bout knee high, but comin for your hips
so stay inside, better get a hardback like tortoises
to entertain your mind as long as the rainin sky's
appearin, i hear it's God tearin, i wonder what makes Him cry
probably his children (cherrin) but back to the narrative
cause of the state of today, hope you know that its imperative
yall listen to what i say, its rainin cats, dogs, ducks and apes
the power's out so burn some candles to light up the place
its flooded, the game is up some floors dividing up the space
they bunched in, foods rationed, they used to stuff they face
fore it rushed in, to wash away the landscape
The General, the cumulus cloud on the rap game!
Track Name: Current State
this our current state...
the life that we livin everyday...

today's topic the science i'm droppin on society
economy's improper see businesses starvin tryin ta eat
CEO's floss they teeth wit c-notes then decline to speak
while owners goin bankrupt, wit the close like dryer sheets
everyone laid off, can't shop, resort to robberies
entertainers goin broke, no boat but due to piracy
in the midst myself i try to be
don't trip, my faith in God, but yall, ain't hearin me, WITH that verizon team
time's revealin prophecy's
wars and rumors, global warming doomin the states, earthquakes and tsunami's sheesh
embezzlement, covered up pedofile evidence, bombin sprees
who do we turn to if churches committin this atrocities?
in every crevice of the city, masonic lodges seen
i hope they know what they standin for just bein on that team
prescription pills, vaccines and filthy food disguised as clean
live in rainy days, can't wait for the sun to rise and beam

this our current state, the life that we livin everyday
tryina get them papes we ignored, explorin every way
thats under the sun when the system already got your fate
ain't got a bloodline or tough grind then you ain't got a say
this our current state, the life that we livin everyday
tryina get them papes we ignored, explorin every way
thats under the sun when the system already got your fate
ain't got a bloodline or tough grind then you ain't got a say

i understand why brothers in the hood are pessimistic
about they life, wit drugs and weapons in it, and why some just never get it
momma tell em to go to college but they never did it
they fathers not sendin gifts or cards, less than a visit
so in prisons they kick it, enjoyin goin
cause if they make it there, they feel as strong as connan
they just barbarians, thats what society show em
though in all the music and movies they see, its how their molded
like their supposed to go in, changed inside they minds opened
but how they posed to get a job wit companies outsourcin?
wit no degree holdin, economy is frozen
what other choice they have, then catchin bammas thats dozin?
immigrants takin odd jobs for little chips, i'm hopin this
could change but my brain just won't give in
i'm loathin this, state my people are in but i'm over it
cause i don't see it stoppin just like toyota whips

this our current state, the life that we livin everyday
tryina get them papes we ignored, explorin every way
thats under the sun when the system already got your fate
ain't got a bloodline or tough grind then you ain't got a say
this our current state, the life that we livin everyday
tryina get them papes we ignored, explorin every way
thats under the sun when the system already got your fate
ain't got a bloodline or tough grind then you ain't got a say

now you supposed to go for four years but these days its 5
get that paper, be a slave to debt long as you stay alive
tryina repay them loans, is half the check you takin home
the other half keepin the lights, water and cable on
now what you left with? is this really what life is?
and thats only assuming you got a job in this climate
hot as zimbabwe, leavin cum laude students perspiring
the job that they applied in they didn't get cause of a bias
david against goliath no slingshot, rocks or tight fist
jobless but can tell you the presidents and what pi is
the proporties of nitrus, who's gdp is the highest
what good is all this information if we can't apply it?
in america, the land of opprotunity
how you supposed to get experience if you can't land the opprotunity?
i did what i was told to do, go the school then i'll get a career
thought it was cut and dry, guess i need bigger scissors and shears
this system is clear-ly not for us
but its pc, ain't tryina be president, don't see the point, must need binoculars
STARTIN in debt, its CLEAR they robbin us
so its funny that our money says in God we trust
when its in man to keep the economy moving forward
companies maximizin profits by cuttin through the corners
and then they stock is droppin, there goes a few employers
to all my graduates of college i hope that you enjoy it
Track Name: Oil Spill
in this world filled with platinum and gold
you work to live for 50 years then spend your stacks when you're old
everyones goal is livin lavish because cash as its told
is the key to happiness but watch your path to its door
its littered with magic tricks and those that's ravenous jo
no respect and morals or ethics because cash is their code
get it at, any expense, friends, women, enemies, kids
environment ain't exempt either even though its where we live
polluting the ocean with toxins, only so they could rocket
the prices of products we coppin in turn loadin they wallets
sponsoring luxury cars and ice thats froze in they watches
while they cheatin, aces they stowed in their pockets, everyone see it but can't stop it
cause the damage is done
staging efforts to clean it up, movin faster than slugs but slow as turtles
i witness as i'm blowin purple, and attempt to lend my hand
do my part, try to be the bigger man but they said
i got that hybrid, solar panel flow
organic, cannibus, cantaloupe but harder than enamel, stone
swear its the antidote, they ain't tryina hear it, its too classy flowin
while i'm burnin, hand on my postacios
son of a pastor so, i guess i'm Heaven sent
in this dark world, tryin to find my relevance until Heavens my residence
hopefully bein a good man is the prerequisite
and spittin benevolent rhetoric until its prevalent
as long as i'm on top of sediment i take aim and never miss
at the negative, fake, the devilish
and those that question my intelligence, oh my flow ain't hot?
its free of oil, still i make that thang pop
equivalent is ghangis khan on straight drop, a master safe lock
but my intention isn't to make guap
its to clean the oceans till shores is resembling a scene from baywatch
minus hasslehoff just a couple d's in tank tops
Track Name: Commercial Break
i'm walkin down the block, headphones on, i rock
in my own zone, blown, dred no locs, i roam
far away from home but my head won't stop
thinkin of ways to make the metro hot, nationals fitted i rock
for yall i'm rippin it, any religion, Christian to ocks
for blocks i visited, did business in, or twisted the bops
from cement to the swamp, where frogs ribbet and hop
and bammas shootin glocks but ain't no ball fittin to drop
it ain't a game, we ain't your normal citizens, nah
we superior like michigans top
and we, remain the same, whether dry, night, day or rain
got a flow that make you wanna take the Lords name in vain
i'm dope, haze, ex, meth, boat, h and caine
i'm a star in the crowd like lakers games
layin low, i'm walkin dodgin streetlights but i ain't shady though
i just wanna live, i'm tryina see what my age could hold
i've come a long way from blowin baby dro, wit sam and jd jo
on the porch in uptown, they made the flow
into what i bust now, experience was wild
rollin down my window, see thick smoke, them bud clouds
and we had the rhymes, you ain't seein us, nah
leave rappers leakin like julian assange, step to me and your gone
leave em blown away like they sunk they teeth in a bomb
flowin till the day a beach is my lawn, kick my feet up
roll a jay, grab a corona and sip it
then pour it out for competition, start reminiscin
on all beginners who entered and went to rest from living
conscious but my head is trippin contemplating metaphysics
i'm a scholar, insane philosopher
married to juwanna, and his strain's andromeda
kill, act like i ain't got it for real
i'm whats poppin, hip hops oxycontin pill, you can't knock the skills
Track Name: War Report feat. Samu-L
its real in the field, chillin on the battlefront
where its kill or be killed, surveyin as i drag a blunt
soldiers never backin up, when i tell em grab they gun
no hesitation, clappin young, its gon be a massacre
the general i go by, apprentice to the Great
Alexander, violent manners presented to the snakes
or opposition, shots are hittin when we attemptin
we droppin victims, a lot is missin but we are not magicians
in camouflage we get them, snipers watch in the distance
in tree-tops suspended, out of your vision
wisdom breeds precision, coupled with repetition
no fumbles, listenin for mumbles, steps in the distance and pants swishin
we got chopper gunners on stand by
leavin enemies in the ground like land mines ka-pow!
hand, eye, coordination amazing
puttin in work, not even our nation would sanction
shotguns, that separate their, waist from their bases
hole's gaping, leave all traces imagination
they tappin out like morse code
my unit movin foreward, ashin my jack, steppin over torso's
with backpacks still attached, we cold-hearted
its how i trained em, can't nothin you bring phase em
master all situations, we coverin all the bases
no expressions on faces, just death, and ak's blazin

(Samu-L verse)

and droppin bombs, they swearin i'm damien
not jr gong, but satan's kid, spawn is the alias
takin it to pakistani's, afghans, iranians
whoever raise against, the plan is leavin em 86'd
cause a bombs, grenade launchers and tanks don't miss
its all vapors in, a 100 mile radius
we play to win and the battlefields the gymnasium
trained to hit until that white flag they wavin it
victory i raise my fist, take in my surroundings
seeing the devastation in the name of war allowin
i exhale the haze and then i take a sip of brown liq
just to get by, blood on my hands is turnin brown slim
I been a General, uniform decorated
Like trees in Christmas' leavin villages desecrated
Nobody ever made it after tasks were delegated
Aftermath's a bloodbath, it's a wrap, we cellophane it
Track Name: Introspection Hour feat. Johnathan Tillman
look inside yourself and tell me what do you see
someone thats free or confined, eyes stuck to tv
i'm seeing signs of peeps that keep they mind runnin on e
i try to teach, but my advice they just don't want to take heed, its all about the present
consistent momentary fixes have defined our presence
while we listenin to death under the guise of lessons
i swear its like a weapon,
cause with the music they confusing like the crew that tried to build to reach the height of heaven
i'ma try to correct it, but what is an attempt
if you can't find the direction you want to give it in?
there ain't much in innocence won't make these youngins give a spin
if you wit the ruckus, bustin or the hustlin you in
discussion isn't it, if you love forget it slim
its all about the benjamins and women friends... (pssh) this again
feelin like i'm guilligan, time is dwindelin, i understand
i'm just tryina share my upperhand... look

i ain't perfect, i'm tryina find my purpose
learn from all the bumps in the road that i'm traversin
you base your happiness on, material, women and large paper?
that means you inferior, not major
i ain't perfect, i'm tryina find my purpose
learn from all the bumps in the road that i'm traversin
you base your happiness on, material, women and large paper?
that means you inferior, not major

i'm just your average citizen, positioned to stay afloat
i'm livin and takin notes, cause experience isn't the straightest road
and my tires are treadless, so i'm expected to take it slow
but of course i forget it, i slide and wreck then i pray and hope
i could get back in the right direction, my life's in question
instead of answering with confidence, i am guessin
that ain't no way to live, but its how its been though
tryina have my life be like crescendos, a slight progression
until i'm righteous steppin, cause thats the main goal
live by the golden rule until i'm goin through them gates robed
up and crown of gold and jewels, produced by being prayed for,
do right by more than me and priorities rearranged those
that's my definition of good in layman's terms
care for every soul as your own, remove the hate from yours
i'm just tryin display its worth before i'm raised from dirt
we're born sinners, if i don't make it i can't even say a word... cause

i ain't perfect, i'm tryina find my purpose
learn from all the bumps in the road that i'm traversin
you base your happiness on, material, women and large paper?
that means you inferior, not major
i ain't perfect, i'm tryina find my purpose
learn from all the bumps in the road that i'm traversin
you base your happiness on, material, women and large paper?
that means you inferior, not major